The Goal

The task is quite simple. Make a one-button application cause Logout.

What We Are Going to Do

1. Creat and Application

Binding a Button component with a specifically Named route will force an application to Logout. Let's try to make it.

  1. Create a new View and name it Logout.

  2. Put into a Container, called it cntLogout and set up its Item Flex -> Stretch; Horizontal Alignment -> Center; Vertical Alignment -> Middle

  3. Place in a Button, name its ID -> btnLogout and set up as follows:

    1. Value -> "Logout"; Width -> 100px

    2. Button Type -> Link; -> Link Type -> Named Route; -> Named Route (select) -> logout

That's all and we are done! Your application will log out after clicking on the button. This functionality is available after deployment and running an application.

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