Components List

The components are essential building blocks helping to design applications fast and effectively. Each has its unique ID and properties defined by constant or bound dynamically.


Layout components are the basic building blocks superior to any other placed elements. The charting layout defines other components' placement and prepares the canvas work field for responsibility at the different devices.


Logic components are mostly condition-oriented elements, switching their states depending on incoming variables and, for example, changing different content in the same view or multiplication of elements due to other conditions.


Navigation components help make menus, and tabs allow for the creation of pagination and tree views.


Components used to build and design forms, including editable fields, checkboxes, text areas, etc. Each form component has to be placed into a superior layout with the setup role on the form. That's how to assign submitting forms by pressing the enter key. Component executing further action has to set role on the submit.


Content class is the most comprehensive part of all components, containing work with text, buttons, images, and other components carrying visual output.


Chart components allow us to represent visual output bound with specific data sources.

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