View Settings

Any of the implemented Views has its independent settings from each other. Giving it a proper name and description does not affect the visible or logical output and serves just for internal use; for example, it's handy for team-developed applications.

The required authenticated user verifies if the current user ID is not a null value, preventing access of the View to non-authorized persons. Binding access rights with specific condition rules expand accessibility options; in our case, an already logged user has to have a specified Name.

If any of the input parameters are changed, reinitializing the output of a View is triggered.

Setting up the virtual URL address of the current View is handy with the logical route component, where instead of its ID targeting nomenclature.

Two different Events methods are triggered by initialization or when the input parameters are changed. Both of the methods are not dependent on each other. Events logic can be added directly by selecting the desired one from the Events panel or clicking on the required action.

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