Adapptio User Documentation

Deliver professional WEB applications in record time!

What is Adapptio?

Adapptio is a cloud platform for building web applications in record time. It uses a next-gen development based on blueprint driven development and reactive programming. The platform allows you to set up your project within seconds, simply add integrations to your data sources, create front-end user interface and deliver end-to-end application 3x to 10x faster using Delphi/Visual Studio style editor. And finally, deploy your app to the cloud with a few clicks.

What can I do with Adapptio?

Basically you can build any WEB application you want. Here are some use cases and examples for inspiration:

Adapptio is FREE!

Development in Adapptio is completely FREE! You start pay once you want to release your application for end-users. The actual prices you can find here.

Become a professional in a short period

Working with Adapptio is intuitive, especially for someone with programming and software architecture knowledge. You will be able to build any applications you want just after deploying your first application.


Cloud and security

We use the corporate data center of our parent company placed in Czech Republic with own cloud solution based on Kubernetes. The cloud and hardware solutions provide maximum flexibility and security to you. Applications, data, and passwords are fully encrypted, protected and we also know where exactly lies.


If necessary, your entire project can be deployed on your side as well.

Browsers and OS support


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