Actions represent a business logic of a broad spectrum of functions wired together in the Flow Canvas. They are commonly used to connect integrations, execute javascript code, and pass data to Views and vice versa.
There exist three ways how to work with Actions in Adapptio.

1. Binding a Data Source

Adding Data from Action provides a connection between Views and Actions, which can be referenced as a data source for any required component. Action must have LOADED status or be reloaded by the Update State Method from Events.
Outline Panel
Data Explorer
Event[Update State]

2. Calling an Action from an Event

The following way to call Actions is by the Call Action Method from Events. Any existing components can trigger it depending on the required Event Logic.
Event[Call Action]
Call Action[Settings]

3. Scheduling an Action

Scheduling Actions are independent of any superior Views and are executed once or in specific intervals at the backend.
Action Settings
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