Release Notes

Adapptio 1.2.1 (Latest)


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where some function arguments in the reference guide were not properly displayed.

  • Fixed an issue where params in Tester panel hasn't been visible in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue when user has been asked about unsaved changes when reloading/closing browser tab event when no changes were made.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with OptionsField dropdown items overflowing off-screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the QR Code Reader component where the "QR Code" format checkbox did not affect format settings which led to an unexpected behavior (seemed like not scanning).

  • Fixed an issue with Action data source causing crash on SSR render when onDataLoaded or onError event is defined.

  • Composed Chart component - fixes an issue with missing data when chart configuration changed.

New Features

  • Added function DATE_ADD to add duration to another date.

  • Added the Log node to Action and Endpoint.

  • REST API integration supports response encoding option (JSON, text, base64, and file). The file encoding allows us to save the HTTP response as a temp file for further processing.

  • Added action nodes File Create and File Read. File create is used to create a temp file from utf-8 string or base64 string. File read accordingly allows to read temp file as utf-8 string or base64 encoded string.


  • Composed Chart component - tooltip now displays values from all series, added zoomChanged event that provides zoom range for all axes, added support from custom tooltip format for Value type axis, added locale support to Composed Chart and added support for setting strictMinMax of a Value-type axis.

Adapptio 1.2.0


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed data explorer "Copy Path"; it now correctly formats string identifiers.

  • Fixed reference guide description formatting.

  • Fixed reference guide crash when lastly opened resource does not exist anymore.

  • Fixed reference guide styling.

  • Fixed missing translations.

  • Fixed an issue with a view data-source Method not invoking an event when the first event node is added.

  • Fixed issue with a view stuck on loading when the view is empty and newly opened in a tab.

  • Fixed copy/paste of event nodes in the view editor. Now, it's possible to copy/paste nodes between events of various object types (component, data source, view events). Also, pasted nodes are aligned correctly to the x/y position.

  • Fixed an issue with the action editor crashing in some situations.

  • Fixed an issue with crashing of the tester in the view editor after tab init.

  • Fixed a node alignment in the Action editor when copying/pasting the node.

  • Fixed an issue with missing View parameters in the view tester when the view tab is opened.

  • Fixed an issue with the Repeat component crashing preview in edit mode.

  • Increased JSON body limit to handle 10MB payload, so it's now possible to save resource larger than 1MB.

New Features

  • Display references between resources for actions, endpoints, and views.

  • Tester for views and actions now supports "fx" mode for test params. Expressions in params don't have access to any scope data, but you can use it to define test data using the expression language and functions (e.g., you can paste a JSON there).


  • Intercom support disabled.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed scope visibility in components that contains scoped content (Repeat, OneOf, Advanced Table, etc.). Components weren't able to see each other in a local scope, it's now fixed.

  • Fixed non-working container border color set to a theme constant.

  • Fixed non-working default case in the SWITCH function.

  • Fixed an issue with the user being logged out on page load when server-side-rendering is off.

  • Fixed an issue with view loading on the client where views have been loaded multiple times when requested simultaneously.

  • Fixed issue with high latency due to high compression. Now, the Brotli compression on the HTTP server is turned off (performance boost up to 7x).

  • Optimizations in view preloading.

  • Fixed an issue with the Vault service crashing the entire process if it failed to renew a token.

  • Fixed an issue with the Button Group component logging internal errors because of a bug in its state resolution.

  • Fixed an issue with instancing of non-cached integrations that was causing action failures when calling single integration multiple times in parallel.

  • Fixed an issue with date & time fields that reset the field value when the user typed or selected an invalid date.

  • The number form field is now able to accept a null value.

  • Fixed an issue with the number field component that prevented editing of a value when initialValue was null.

  • The REST API integration is not overriding the user-defined Content-type header anymore.

  • Fixed an issue with crashing the application process when failed to dispose an integration.

  • Allow logic components Repeat, OneOf, and Routes to be children of the Button Group component.

  • Fixed flickering and jumping input experience of the Number Field component.

  • Fixed the placeholder wrong color in the Options Field.

New Features

  • Added new function LET(varName, value, expression) that allows to define a scoped variable for an expression.

  • Added new function LAMBDA(args, expression) that allows to define a lambda function that can be passed as a value or stored in a state variable/constant.

  • Added Constant Expression data source that allows adding simple stateless expressions to the view scope (state).

  • Added new Form component that aggregates values and state of other form elements, inc. change events and value resetting.

  • The Fluent UI's DatePicker component now supports form data (value aggregation to Form component).

  • View data sources now support events.

  • Event handlers can return values and throw errors.

  • Component/data source methods can be asynchronous.

  • The Action data source has Data Loaded and Error events.

  • The Variable data source has a Change event.

  • Added a new Method data source that exposes a callable method to the scope. The method logic is defined by the Invoke event. This feature can be used to create reusable event handlers within view.

  • Added the Variable node to view events.

  • Added the Return and Throw event nodes. These can be used together with the Method data source to return value from the method.

  • Added new icon pack - Material Design Icons Light.

  • The Label component now has link configuration options.

  • Added function CLASSLIST to dynamically generate CSS class list from a boolean map.

  • Added function BEM to generate a class list based on the BEM methodology.

  • Added functions SHA256, MD5, and HMAC_SHA256 to calculate hashes and signatures.

  • Added option to asynchronously preload views on app init. This allows speed up load time on most used pages and increases overall user experience.


  • Added the Cast Date option to the CSV integration to allow disabling of automatic date parsing when not desirable.

  • Added a view event node Reload Action Data that reloads data in all Action data sources (Add data from action) that matches given action and params. Parameters are provided as a mask. It means that if you don't provide any parameters, all action instances will be reloaded. If you provide one or more parameters, only action instances matching those parameters will be reloaded.

  • Added functions XML_PARSE, XML_BUILD and XML_ISVALID to work with XML documents.

  • In the Options field component, there is a new configuration option Display value when item not exists that specifies if to display an original value when the value cannot be found between items.

  • Added Redis integration.

  • Added a new string function REPLACE_REGEXP(inputValue, regexp, replaceValue, regexpFlags).

  • Add a new Download File event node that allows downloading files to the user's computer from string or base64 data.

  • Added the While action node that supports conditional loops in both while-do and do-while modes.

  • Added support for executing actions from actions in the background. Useful for manually triggered batch jobs where you don't need to wait for the result.

  • Added a new function MATCH_REGEXP.

  • Added a new pro component CodeMirror, that implements the CodeMirror editor.

  • Added array functions ARR_SORT and ARR_FLAT.

  • Added new Tooltip property to the *Label component.

  • Added option to add Marks to the Number Field slider style that displays custom text on the slider.

  • Added the user input debounce property to the Number input field component. It allows you to wait until a user stops typing before propagating the value to the state and recomputing the reactive dependencies.


  • Action node of type action has been deprecated and replaced with action@v2 to support more configuration. Users will not notice any difference. Only already existing action nodes will not support new features and can be replaced as necessary.

Adapptio 1.1.1


Fixed Issues

  • Improved performance and fixed memory leaks.

  • Fixed the issue when clicking on the menu button in edit mode threw an error.

  • Fixed the issue with Location URL in Tester, not the URL is always parsed as query params.

New Features

  • Added ref guide docs for the File upload component's url property.

  • Added new option Reload User to Reload Session event node.

  • Added more debug details to Action/Endpoint debug tab.


  • When a user duplicates a resource (within a tab), the new resource will automatically open.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue with a missing stylesheet for a custom theme in the HTML header when server-side-rendering is turned off.

  • Fixed the issue with components not re-rendering in certain situations because of data racing (component props changes before useEffect fires and binds on-change events).

  • Fixed the issue with the File upload component where adding multiple files over time rewrites the scope data of already uploaded files.

  • Fixed the issue with the File upload component where it was possible to add multiple files even when multiple was disabled, and fix the UX by hiding the upload placeholder when the limit is reached.

  • Undo previous change regarding dependency resolution order. View content is resolved first, then data sources are resolved.** Previous fix was causing infinite loading of data sources when data sources was depending on some component's data.

  • Fixed the issue with view params. When view params depended on variables or data sources, there was a null value flip that was causing change/reset of the view's parameters. Thus resetting its internal state. Now, because the child view has a separate runtime context, it waits for the scope to be fully reconciled, and then the final params are injected into the child view.

  • Fixed the issue with runtime dependency resolution. Variables in views were resolved after components which led to unnecessary null flips and unnecessary re-renders. Now variables and data sources are resolved first, components follow, and outlets are last.

  • Fixed non-working SSH tunnelling in MS SQL integration.

  • Fixed the non-working initialValue argument in the ARR_REDUCE function.

  • Fixed the ARR_CONCAT function - it was duplicating the first element.

  • Fixed endpoint header parser issue.

  • Don't logout user with valid token on network error.

New Features

  • From event flow, it's possible to emit a custom event with data. Then on the View component, it's possible to handle those events. This feature allows views to communicate upwards via events aside from outlets.

  • The Action data source has a new option Debounce Time [ms], that allows to enable debounce functionality. The debounce can be used to prevent multiple requests to the backend in a short period of time when action parameters change. For example, this is useful for a search parameter bound to a text field.

  • In the file upload component, you can specify a custom message that will be displayed to the user when he exceeds the maximum number of allowed files.

  • Component methods in events can now return values. It can be used with a custom component.

  • Added private option in actions to forbid calling an action via API (from Views). The private action now can be called only from another action.

  • Added default bucket name to AWS S3 integration.

  • Added MQTT intergration.

  • Added new component from Fluent UI library: DatePicker.


  • Upgraded Node.js version to current LTS (v16 -> v18).

  • In the file upload component, you can now use in action parameters.

  • In the QR Code Reader component the enhanced accuracy is now configurable and disabled by default.

  • The action's execution timeout is used as value for ViewToHtml action node SSR timeout.

  • Improved debug details for actions and endpoints.

  • Debug returns details from nested actions.

  • Renamed property status -> httpStatus in RestApiIntegration function's result.

  • Changed action's error result object: added errorData and errorTracking properties.

Adapptio 1.1.0


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed missing toast messages when saving routes resource by clicking on toolbar button.

  • Fixed missing params in action data explorer.

  • Fixed editor crash when a node was removed and previously connected node was selected.

  • Improved editor performance and fixed small bugs and typos.

New Features

  • App configuration is categorized for better clarity.

  • App configuration does not cause editor's backend restart, i.e. logout.


  • Output has been renamed as Return action node.

  • Error has been renamed as Throw action node.

  • Changed color and position of primary and secondary buttons in dialogs.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed link target Blank, now it the page is open in a new tab.

  • Fixed some translations.

  • Fixed search field in option field (dropdown) component.

  • Fixed missing _app in scope when the view is rendered on client.

New Features

  • Added Theme resource to define own CSS.

  • Added query parameters for Named Route link type.

  • Added application/x-www-form-urlencoded to endpoint's Request node.

  • Added application/x-www-form-urlencoded to REST API integration.

  • Added Navigate back node in events.

  • Added new action nodes for loops support: Map, Reduce.

  • Added Variable action node for defining own variables in the flow.

  • Added Timeout action node for sleep current flow for a while.

  • Added new onCustomValue change event in Options field (Dropdown) component.


  • Suppressed incorrect logs in application.

Adapptio 1.0.10


Fixed Issues

  • Endpoint tester returns same result as real endpoint request.

  • Fixed missing responsive value in inspector when resizing component in canvas.

  • Fixed missing resize handlers in canvas, when width or height value is null.

New Features

  • Added new debug button in main toolbar to report a bug.


New Features

  • Added support for favicons.

  • Added support for external JS modules in Custom component.


  • Status code is not required anymore for endpoint response node.

  • Changed REST API integration default body type from map to string.

  • Search and custom value in Dropdown component was moved to the root field.

Adapptio 1.0.9


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed expanding main menu tree view, now the state is remembered.

  • Fixed displaying route's label in outline for Route component.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed route crashing when it is switched to dynamic value (fx).

New Features

  • Added QR/Bar Scanner component allows to scan codes using camera.

  • Added JWT integration to build JWT tokens.

  • Added function PARSE_JWT to get claims from JWT token.

  • Added visible option for Menu button's items.


  • Removed environments settings for integrations and app configuration.

Adapptio 1.0.8


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed and improved Reference Guide (incorrect help, better data examples, navigation).

  • Fixed some translations (typo, missing translation).

  • Fixed issue with params disappearing from the view scope.

  • Fixed obsolete scope in Action Data explorer when triggering Action changing session data.

  • Fixed and improved drag & drop behaviour and performance.

New Features

  • Components, DataSources and FlowNodes can be copied using Copy button or with right click (context menu).

  • Integration of same type can be changed in Action without losing entire configuration.

  • Full preview mode now allows user to select breakpoint or set custom width.

  • Added button back in inspector when flow node is selected.

  • Added labels for OneOf and Routes components.


  • Session is now reloaded after successful action execution.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed failure of rendering charts on server.

  • Fixed some type conversions in Data Table component.

  • Fixed dynamic item data handling in Data Table component.

New Features

  • Added new Custom component with own HTML, CSS and Javascript (BETA).

  • Added new resource Endpoint for defining custom application REST API endpoints.

  • Added new MongoDb integration.

  • Repeat component provides single item and index also as <cmp_name>_item and <cmp_name>_index variables to its children.

  • Added function SCOPED_TEMPLATE(expression) that can be used to specify mappers and formatters dynamically using the expression.

  • Added another helpfull functions: ABS, TO_STRING, ISNAN, ISFINITE, PARSE_INT, PARSE_FLOAT.

  • Added Position configuration to Container (Relative, Absolute, Fixed).

  • Added schema option to Postgresql integration.

  • Added more roles for Container.

  • Added Upload and Upload error events for File Field.

  • Added Height and Font size (truthy & falsy states) options for Checkbox Field's Switch style configuration.

  • Added information about current selection in Text and Text Area fields to the component's scope.

  • Added scoped template to Rest Api integration.


  • AppHeader component is deprecated, use fixed positioned Container instead.

  • Box is merged with Container component, all containers now have styling options.

Adapptio 1.0.7


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed uploading and deleting assets.

  • Improved FileField component resize behavior.

  • Fixed incorrect name of flow chart node.

  • Fixed missing functions in Preview mode in Data explorer.

New Features

  • Application manifest can be edited now with Configuration button in Main menu.

  • Unknown resource is displayed as YAML blueprint.

  • Sorting data source in Outline is possible now to set correct order of declaration (order of reference dependency causing cycling source loading).


  • Globally disabled component buttons' actions in Edit mode.


Fixed Issues

  • Field validation (including custom validation).

  • Fixed form submission by pressing the Enter key.

  • Fixed MenuButton/Popup positioning.

  • Fixed issue with compilation NamedConfig schema.

New Features

  • Custom authentication against own authority server.

  • New function: ARR_CONCAT

  • New function: STR_INSERT


  • Images in rich text (markdown) now takes max 100% but keep original size if smaller.

Adapptio 1.0.6


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed editor crashing when blueprints import.

  • Fixed editor crashing when map item is removed.

  • Fixed Intercom features.

  • Fixed route's label in selector.

New Features

  • Added Reference Guide.

  • Added details to RestApiIntegration response for better debugging.


  • Safe area are now turned off by default.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed loading state in Box component.

  • Fixed Background Image size option in Box.

  • Fixed issue where re-render on visibility settings changed.

  • Fixed issue with missing scope data in the file upload component events.

  • Fixed Datetime Field possible crash during validation.

  • Fixed Pagination resolve issues.

  • Number value in formatter in Data table now works correctly.

New Features

  • New Gauge component.

  • New Button group component.

  • New Custom HTML component (only when PRO mode is enabled).

  • New Cloud Firestore integration.

  • New SSH client integration.

  • Added "Tab" style for buttons.

  • Extended button customization (padding).

  • Button component provides "link" in scope with resolved link data.

  • ButtonGroup component has "matching" (array of button ids whose links are matching current url).

  • MenuButton has a new option to horizontally align menu position.

  • New function: ARR_REMOVE_ITEM.

  • Added objectName to file upload component's response.

  • Switch (Checkbox component) customization overhauled to allow custom colors.


  • Default colors of text and icon in buttons (Button, Menu Button, Overlays) are set to INHERIT. BRAKING CHANGE

  • Absence of border radius value in Custom or Tab button style now results in no border radius. BRAKING CHANGE


  • Session stats route now returns only statistics about registered resource types.

Adapptio 1.0.5


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed OneOf, Routes and Repeat components layout in editor.

  • Fixed Mode button (field with type Any options didn't close after click away).

  • Fixed Secrets Manager error message when has invalid permissions.

New Features

  • New Routes editor.

  • Assets are now supported to upload any required files for applications.

  • Open inspector even when user clicks on already selected item.

  • Editor loading performance improvement.

  • OneOf and Routes components toolbar and safearea updated.

  • Inline editation of text in Text and Label components (plaintext only).


  • Removed name column from route list.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with default/fallback values in Options and Number field components.

  • Fixed Tree Navigation color settings.

  • Fixed Grid components spacing (set to none removed).

  • Fixed SidebarLayout sidebar's content stretching.

  • Fixed Pagination overflows (now will be reset to 1 if exceeded).

New Features

  • New component: QR Code to generate qr code images.

  • New integration: HTML to PDF integration.

  • SSR View renderer to render Views to PDF.

  • Added TLS options to REST API integration (CAs, certs, keys).

  • Checkbox's style Switch now supports additional texts and width properties in order to make it as big as a button.

  • Added new color ICON.

  • Better action error logging and debugging.

  • Added function putObject to S3 Storage integration.

  • Added setPage method to Pagination and Data table.


  • Due to the new feature in Swtich style, all current Switches will be reverted to Checkbox. You have to change it back, if it is required.

  • Datetime field now exposes initial value depending on field type.

  • Advanced table column sort is disabled when key is not defined.

Adapptio 1.0.4


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed re-render params of Action field in inspector when action was changed.

  • Fixed some minor issues with scrollbars.

New Features

  • Optimized memory usage.

  • Now the resource list is periodically synced with repository.

  • Better error reporting from Transform Node (Javascript).


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed field rendering in advanced table causing hover artefacts.

  • Fixed issue with view params validation that prevented accepting of nulls.

New Features

  • PixelGrid now supports overwriting icons defined in a separate layer.

Adapptio 1.0.3


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed disabled new line in editor.

  • Fixed issue with syncing resource list after renaming directory.

New Features

  • Added runtime errors to the expression tester editor.

  • Added button in toolbar to toggle safe area (padding) in edit mode.

  • Integrations are now divided into categories.

  • Menu Button, Options Field and Tree Navigation items now have default label.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed jumping cursor in text fields.

  • Fixed not displaying zero value in a number field.

New Features

  • Added new functions ARR_MAX([...float]) and ARR_MIN([...float]) receiving arrays.

  • Overlays (sidebars and dialogs) can now have custom width (size).

  • The numeric field can now be null.

Adapptio 1.0.2


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed performance issues with larger projects.

  • Fixed inspector overflow in integration settings.


  • Schema any (multiple types) has now not-null default value.


Fixed Issues

  • Actions are now re-loaded on client when they fail to load during server-side rendering.

Adapptio 1.0.1


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with "Drop components here." text not disappearing when copying component from tab to tab by drag & drop.

  • Fixed unstable Drag & drop, minor performance issues fixed.

  • Fixed Container (& Grid) content crash error.

  • Fixed disappearing Inspector when enum type is selected as parameter's type.

  • Fixed null result handling in expression tester.

  • Fixed bug with disappearing view params.

New Features

  • Uploads source maps to sentry for better bug reports.

  • Changed resource tree sorting.

  • Full global scope is available in expression tester.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed SidebarLayout content not scrolling.

Adapptio 1.0.0

Official first release.

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