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The graphics user interface represents the visual output of a whole application, and it's mainly used for designing and connecting existing actions and data structures. The design of applications is composed of canvas drag and drop work-field by many different components placed in views, which are used as standalone pages or as subelements of other views.

All existing or new elements, like actions, integrations, or views, are placed in a directory structure with the possibility of sorting out files, renaming, moving, or deleting them. If desired, there is also an option to make other sub-directories by choosing it from Create a new menu.

Canvas GUI Editor

Canvas graphical user interface editor shows us the content of personal views, with the option for switching between design, preview or debug mode.

Design Mode

The Design Mode represents the output layout composed of a single components. You can drag and drop elements, define their parameters, and bond them with existing actions.

Preview Mode

Preview Mode shows views represented by a web browser without deploying them.

Debug Mode

The Debug Mode is read-only, showing a complete blueprint traceable case of the actual view.

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