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The only think you need is an account, so sign up for free now.

Making a new account is easy. You can use your existing Google account or create a new one with your e-mail. Please follow the link www.adapptio.cloud, and get started now.

Creating your first application

After new registration you will be prompted to enter your Organization name and Application name. It is filled with your name and My First App by default, but feel free to change it as you wish. Then click on Create button and you will be redirected to the application overview.

Application overview

Just after a few seconds your editor will be ready to use and you can start creating your application. Click on the button OPEN EDITOR to continue. You can also manage your application using this page - in navigation you see detail, user management, infrastructure management and your subscription plans.

Step 2: Open editor

The running application will be available after you deploy it from the editor.

Build your first application

Opening an editor will allow you to work with graphical views representing web pages. Also, work with integrations to your systems and actions calling integrations to get data, transform them and pass to the views.

You can preview your application in the upper-right corner by clicking on the eye icon. Closing the preview mode returns you to the editor, where you can try to run the application itself by clicking on the icon next to the the preview. It won't be possible till you click on the deploy button. Choose your production space, and you are ready to deploy.

Step 4: Deploy your application

Running your application

After deploying your application, it can be open directly from the editor, just click on the open application button next to the deploy button or outside of the editor in Adapptio platform by clicking on the OPEN APPLICATION button, wherever you can run, restart or stop your application.

Step 5: Open your application

Login into the application

Once the application is running and open, it is secured by our login screen. You can simply click to Login with Adapptio and follow the login process.

Step 6: Sign in to your application

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